List of Donors 2022

As much as we try to keep up with the list of donors, we inevitably overlook somebody.  If you are that person, please know that the omission is unintentional, and we appreciate your gift no less than everyone elses.

In no particular order:

Greenbrier Ford

State Fair of West Virginia

Diann Hayes

Tom Cross

Judy Lucas

Sandy Epling

Paton Smith

Sabrina Dowdy, DVM

Lewisburg United Methodist Church

Joan Browning

Joe and Connie Jackson 

Robert and Julie Riggleman

Dovetail Ridge Farm

Linda Ball

Susan Hewman and Dennis Maloney

Tammy  Tincher

Carolyn Rudley

Jack and Janet O'Connell

Melinda Workman

Barbara Morgan

Dutch Haus

Tommye Rafes

General Lewis Inn

Big Draft Brewing -- Clay Elkins

Greenbrier Cut Flowers


A Taste of Heaven

Corn + Flour

Blue Moon Bagels

Darlene Farrar

Swift Level Fine Meats

Village Wine Shop

Mary Ann Shires

Tom and Tim Kowalkowski

West Point Baptist Church

Karen Lemons

Greenbrier Dairy

Rosemary Rinde

Margy Bruns

George Little

Mr. Warfield's Engineering Students at Greenbrier East High School

Marvin and Jane Morgan

Barbara Morgan

Kim Thomas

Larry and Keisha Baxter

Jack and Boots Tuckwiller

in memory of Arnold Dowdy

John and Mary Cole Deitz

Ashley Parker

Caring Acres Farms

Marie Goodwin

WVSOM Southeast Region Third Year Students

Bob and Emily Haas

Christina Chapman

David and Judi Cole

Tim McGraw

Rich and Patty Ford

Brenda and Glenn Patterson

Lynn Benedict

Barbara Scott

Ruth and Bill Sturgill

Greenbrier Dairy

Kim Thomas

Caring Acres Farm

Marie Goodwin

Sue Dyer

Runyon Distributing

Cross Creek on Main

Barbara Tuckwiller

Guy Warner

Micheline and David Lawson

Lisa Bartlett

Raymond Stallis

Lori Erickson


Toby Garlitz

Joel Kanasky

Jennifer Killcollin

Amy Buckmaster

Mary Grist

Bill Kahler

Judith and David Cole

Christine Cacic

James Lafollette

Susan Hicklin

Anne Gurrymore

Kathy McClung

Teri Warner

Phillipa Radon


Andrea Lawson

Body and Sol 

Old World Libations (April Ernst)

Marie Goodwin

Pat Williams

Mark Starr

Susie Caldwell

Kim Thomas

Randy, Alex and Riley Henthorn

Darlene Farrar