Donor Appreciation List 2023

  As much as we try to keep up with the list of donors, we inevitably overlook somebody.  If you are that person, please know that the omission is unintentional, and we appreciate your gift no less than everyone elses.

In no particular order:

Joan Browning

Greenbrier Ford

State Fair of West Virginia

Dennis Mankins

Robin Spence

Paul and Cheryl Wilmouth

Carolyn Rudley

Dennis and Susan Hewman

Maggie Clendennen

West Point Baptist Church

Kathy Plocek

Judy Lucas

Mike and Teresa Dolan

Amy Hubbart

Joan Norman

Vickie Wilson

George Little

Lynn MacCorkle

Diann Hayes

Leroy and Myrna Dembowski

Caring Acres Farm

Frederick and Joyce Perlove

Ronceverte/Fairlea Ministerial Association

James and Karen Anderson

Joe and Connie Jackson

Country Roads Realty

Boots Tuckwiller

Bob and Julie Riggleman

Lewisburg United Methodist Church

Kim Carter

Joyce Martin

Taste of Heaven

Blue Moon Bagels

The Chocolate Lady -- Susanna Haynes

Carolyn Bryant

Sarah Driggers

Marie Propps

Greenbrier Dairy

Barnwood Living

Janet Shelton

Sarah Woodfin

Lauren Wadsworth

Kiwanis of Greenbrier Valley

Greenbrier Sporting Club

Corn + Flour

Flavor Mutt

Body and Sol Salon

Hammer Cycles

Creative Kitchens

Swift Level Fine Meats

Andi Lawson

Alicia Kuhn

Micheline Johnson

Jack McAdams

Helen Graves

Elizabeth Clark

Daniel Compton

Allyson Leibendorfer

Mel and Todd Waggy

Sid Isenberg

Mary Cole and John Deitz

Darlene Xarby

Debbie Camden

Robert Woods

Dawn Kininger

Carolyn Bryant

Susan Bossert

Janet K. Shelton

Sheila Hudson and Children

Lauren Wadsworth and Jeff Kessler

Lewisburg Health Care

Lindsey McCracken and Eva Ballenger

Maryanne and Bill Shires

Kimberly Carter

Serenity Now Outfitters

Pat McClinic

John O'Connell

Dorothy Ellison Hunter

David and Linda Smith

Tom Cross

John Francis and Donna Toney

Swift Level Customers

Jack O'Connell

Karen Ayers

Lee and Dana Godby

Rosemary Rinde

Larry Levine and Margaret Squier

Ruth and Bill Sturgill

Stephen and Deborah Coonts

Employees of the Great American Barrel Company

Joan Kessler

Torula Chanlett-Avery

Naomi Cohen

Ashley Parker

Mike and Kelly Gwinn

Toby Garlitz

Therese Winstead

Carol F. Evans

Paula Guffey

Barnwood Living


Mark Bowe and Cindy Lavendar-Bowe

Jennifer Runyon

Cathey Sawyer

Sue Dyer

Bev and J.R. Crane

Beth Refsland

Body and Sol

Greenbrier Sporting Club


Sarah Driggers

Ginny Reinkopf

Karen Lemons

Patrick and Becky Kinser

Nancy Hill