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 We've been providing award-winning pulled pork BBQ, barbequed chicken, ribs, and all the fixin's since we first went on the road in 2004.  

We service events like fairs and festivals.   We do Concession stands at sporting events.  And, in recent years,

we've expanded to including full-service catering,  made-to-order donuts, and specialty setups like our almost famous "Mac Attack" mac & cheese events.

Our Menu:  (Subject to Change as we Figure Things Out--The fancy Mac & Cheese costs $2 more.)(Sales tax included)

  • Big Bowl of Classic Mac & Cheese                                                                                 $10
  • Mac & Cheese Sampler Plate (3 or 4 Macs in one plate)                                              10
  • Classic Mac & Cheese as a side                                                                                        4
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich                                                                                                      10
  • Pulled Pork Plate (choice of 2 sides, beans, slaw or classic mac)                                 15
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich Plate                                                                                             16
  • SOBO Baked, smashed and stuffed potato                                                                    14
  • Barbeque Sundae                                                                                                              11
  • Half a Chicken (barbequed)                                                                                             10
  • Half a Chicken Plate (choice of 2 sides)                                                                          15
  • Half Rack of Ribs (baby backs, of course, done with our own dry rub)                         18
  • Half Rack Rib Plate (with choice of 2 sides)                                                                   24
  • Full Rack of Ribs                                                                                                               32
  • Full Rack Rib Plate                                                                                                            38
  • Pint of Pork                                                                                                                       16
  • Quart of Pork                                                                                                                    26
  • 1/2 Pint of Side or Sauce                                                                                                    6
  • Pint of Side or Sauce                                                                                                         10
  • Quart of Side or Sauce                                                                                                      16
  • Drinks  Fresh brewed sweet or unsweet tea, or lemonade                                               3

  • ​Pint of Classic Mac and Cheese                                                                                        10
  • Quart of Classic Mac and Cheese                                                                                     16
  • Pan of Slaw, Baked Beans, or Classic Mac & Cheese (please call ahead a day)            35

On Mac Attack Days Only:  (Costs a little bit more.)

  • Pig Shack Classic Mac
    • Our classic macaroni and cheese.  We've been making it since Day One. Features a creamy, cheesy sauce just like mom used to make.
  • Chicken Mac
    • We start with our classic macaroni and cheese, then pull apart and mix in our barbequed chicken.  A favorite for years!
  • Piggy Mac
    • Our classic macaroni and cheese with bbq pulled pork and a scoop of baked beans on the side.
  • Chili Mac
    • Homemade Chili on top.  With sour cream and cheese.
  • Broccoli Mac
    • We take broccoli, mix it in, and top it off with crumbled Ritz Toppings.
  • Pizza Mac
    • Pepperoni, cheese, and sauce.
  • Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Mac
    • You get the idea, really.
  • Three Cheese Mac
    • Made with creamy American cheese, sharp cheddar, and mozzerella.
  • Taco Mac
    • Just Try It and See

Fancy Macaroni and Cheese:  (Costs a little more)

  • Bacon and Blue Cheese
    • With a cream cheese base.
  • Poppin' Jalapeno
    • For those who like a little spice in their Mac.
  • Smoked Gouda
    • The smoked gouda gives a wonderful flavor.
  • Macaroni and Tomatoes
    • Similar to our almost famous tomato dumplin's, but with macaroni instead.  Surprisingly good.

Looking for Catering?

Tasty Meals

Pulled-pork BBQ, barbequed chicken, ribs, baked beans, mac & cheese, Aunt Alice's Cole Slaw, wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, brisket, prime rib,  and now, made-to-order donuts...    We can offer about any menu item, plain for fancy, that fits your event, fair, or festival.  Got a wedding coming up?  Reunion?  Company event?  We are experienced in all kinds of cooking, and will work together with you to develop a menu which fits your tastes, budget, and vision.  

Besides our food truck, we offer any level of service from food drop-off to full service catering for all sorts of events.  (Except weddings. We no longer cater weddings.  We'll drop the food off, but after that, you're on your own.)  

Just call Kellen at (304) 249-8124 to discuss your specific needs.  Or use the handy contact button below.

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